Résultats 2012

Table of all results

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Top Group Tournament:

1/8 finals 1/4 finals 1/2 finals final Champion
1. CHO Seok-Bin(8D)
CHO Seok-bin
KIKUCHI Takahisa(3D)
CHO Seok-Bin
8.FENECH Antoine(5D)
SBAI Kevin
SBAI Kevin(3D)
CHO Seok-Bin
5.TARUMI Jun (5D)
WATANABE Takebumi(4D)
4.VAN EEDEN Gilles(6D)
GAUTHIER Thibault(2D)
CHO Seok-Bin (+2.5pts)
3.DEBARRE Thomas(6D)
BLANCHARD Benjamin (3D)
6.LI Yue(5D)
LI Yue
MUGNIER Vincent(2D)
MOTOKI Noguchi
7.PAPAZOGLOU Benjamin(5D)
MOTOKI Noguchi
OANCEA Petru(4D)
MOTOKI Noguchi
2.MOTOKI Noguchi(6D)

Top players bio:

  • CHO Seokbin 7d
  • Cho Seokbin was yeongusaeng in Korea till age 16. In 2006, he moved to germany, then Poland, where he is teaching Go and winning a lot of important Go tournaments, like Strasbourg Tournament last year.

  • MOTOKI Noguchi 6D
  • Motoki Noguchi is a well known player in France and now the official Strabourg’s club teacher.

  • WATANABE Takebumi 4D
  • Retired law teacher, he comes from Kobe. He decides to play the tournament since his daughter lives in Strasbourg. In 1996, he contributes to create a Japanese high-school at Tours. The same year, he participates to some tournaments in Europe and makes friends with some french players.

  • VAN EEDEN Gilles 6d
  • Gilles plays for the Netherlands at WAGG (ndlr: World Amateur Go Championship) in 1996 and 1999. He was the Dutch Champion in 1995.

  • DEBARRE Thomas 6d
  • In the french rating, Thomas is the first french player just behind cheated unbeatable Chinese player.

  • TARUMI Jun 5d
  • European Student Champion 2009. German Youth Champion. Best Japanese in German with French nationalité.

  • PAPAPZOGLOU Benjamin 5d
  • 5d French Champion 2005. The ever most sympatic guy in the universe.

  • FENECH Antoine 5d
  • Antoine Fenech, one of the strongest French players, former European youth champion and organizer of the European YouthMastersLeague. Ex-Champion of the Strasbourg Tournament.